NEXT SAKS, Neiman Sales

  1. Does anyone know when the Big Sales hit these retailers?
  2. december/january?
  3. I know that on August 17th...Saks is having an EGC day...I WILL BE THERE...if you spend $3000 you get a gift card for $450 and so on! Hope this helps:smile:
  4. Sales are December/January and June. They do do gift cards if you buy a certain amount, but those aren't really sales.
  5. NM was in Final CAll when I was there last week.
  6. Yeah, they shipped all of their items out...Saks still has a few bins of sale items...saw some Mulberry, Hogans, a Balenciaga (not the motorcycle style), Coach & some other things...great prices!

    EGC definitely meanse sale for me:smile: But, you are right they are the gift cards...but they do a "Friends & Family" 20% off...and I think they will have one coming up in the next few months! Hopefully!
  7. How does the Friends and Family discount work?
  8. No big fall sales to get rid of old merch?
  9. NM just finished theirs ;)
  10. Saks Friends & Family...It is only one day and I think you might need an invitation...not exactly sure or a code...a lot of the time people don't even know it's going the SA'S don't mention it...there aren't signs...and there is usually Wine & Sushi served to the guests...oh, and great Cosmos!!

    When my invite comes I will let you all know when it is going on...I know they will honor it if you just mention it!! (Sometimes the best designers are left out though!!!)

  11. I think next bag sale for Nieman would be around Mid December. :yes:
    I got my first Gucci bag from Nieman On December 18th last year.

    This June I went to look too, but the ones that were on sale are too big for me so I didn't get any. I'm waiting for the next sale too. :girlsigh:
  12. Thanks Kristy, please keep us posted!
  13. can't wait till december for the next big sale... :girlsigh: