Next Saks EGC... Anyone Know?

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  1. Just checking in to see if anyone is aware of when the next event will be. Got my eye on something but will wait if there's an EGC event coming up!!

    TIA! :yes:
  2. oo...i'm curious too! anyone know if it's the 3rd thurs of june?
  3. i called saks 1800 number and they told me its around june 28 or at the end of the month
  4. Sorry, what is EGC?
  5. i think they said it was JULY
  6. they usually dont have EGC where there are sales.... at least that is what i am noticing.
  7. That sucks...I can't wait till July, I can barely wait till tomorrow..I need a bag!
  8. What is EGC???