Next SAKS ECG Event?

  1. Hi all~!

    Does anyone have information regarding when the next Saks ECG event will be? I am dying to preorder this Gryson bag and I figure I might as well get something back for it...

    Also, does Saks charge tax when shipping to a NY location?

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. I think the next EGC event is on August 23rd.
  3. Thanks! The info is much appreciated!
  4. ohhh good! i missed the last one :hysteric:
  5. As far as the tax goes. Just don't order from the NY store and make sure to tell the SA it's a gift and you shouldn't be charged any tax. I usually order from the NJ store and have them ship to me in NY and never get charged tax.
  6. There has been a lot talk of the next Saks EGC event in the Chanel shopping forum. Here is the link:
    Saks EGC event-again!

    I believe the date is August 30th. As far as tax goes, if it comes from another state (like you live in NJ and comes from TX) then you don't pay tax. Hope this helps and you get some great stuff!!!

  7. can gifts be returned at saks? would they just give you a gift card when you return it?