Next round of sales????!!

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  1. We've just finished one round of amazing sales...poor SAs who have been sooo busy lately!!!!

    Does anyone know when the next round of sales will be? Possibly end of Spring? Anyone know what items might be discounted based on previous season sales?

    (Just gotta know when I should start saving up...I want a mughetto nappa charm so bad!)
  2. Good question...anyone knows? pleaseeee
  3. Just read on the thread that someone call the boutiques and she was advised that next sale will be around May.... LADIES - LETS MARK OUT CALENDER!! :graucho:

    I gotta say I got spoiled by the 75% sale!
  4. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo looking forward to visit a boutique! thanks kiki119 for posting!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hi ladies - bumping this up to see if anyone knows when the next big sale is???

    I'm relatively new to Miu Miu but have been lurking and lusting after one for a while now. Stupid me, I missed the last huge sale in May/June (???) but want to know if there's one coming up soon so I can avoid paying FP if possible.

    I'm looking to get one of the metalasse (LOVE the style) and of course the coffer is always a classic. The sandolo color is gorgeous and I really want kind of a plum or deep raspberryish color. Are these included in every sale or how easy would it be for me to find one in the next big sale????

  6. december :smile:
  7. 75% off!!! Why did I not know? Is there a Miu Miu in Illinois?
  8. There isn't a 75 sale this spring only 40%

    don't think there is a mm in Chicago

    but check for sure

  9. Thanks kiki! Btw, I love your collection! The picture in your banner always makes me :drool:
  10. Does anyone know of any store (preferably in Canada - but I know Holts supposedly doesn't sell MM anymore...) that has MM on sale?

    Just wondering, how low do the prices usually go? I'm thinking of buying myself a Coffer but can't really afford to pay retail right now.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  11. I posted this in the other thread too-but I'll mention it here too :smile: There aren't any shops in Canada that sell Miu Miu anymore, since Holts has already stopped carrying it :sad:
  12. How about Singapore MIU MIU....hmmm