Next re-launch: March 29 2016 at 11 am EST - what are you going to get?

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  1. Just got an email from MG announcing their next re-launch. Their website is full of new items!

    I am seriously drooling at the thought of a black lady or bucket with the dolly interior (!!) :woot: No pics on the their website showing this color combo, unfortunately, but it's listed as an option.
  2. and as a sucker for anything blue, the royal bucket and lady bags are also calling out to me. my wallet is screaming "no!!" as i type this...
  3. Might get some shoes...thank goodness they will let you return them (unlike the bags). Anyone know if they run true to size?
  4. Been waiting on a mini mini flamma bucket bag :yahoo:

    After I get that one, my bucket bag collection is complete haha

    Trying not to be naughty rn on eyeing the shoe and clutch collection lol
  5. I just bought a mini mini black/flamma a few weeks ago and even though it is totally adorable, I regret buying it - don't like the vege leather. So she is just sitting pretty on the shelf until I decide what to do with her :P
  6. I would either get a pair of flat sandals or a mini mini... Not sure what to do yet!
  7. I haven't looked at anything in forever but just got the email about the launch the other day. I am REALLY loving the new Rococo color. If only they offered it in canvas. I can't give up those pockets!
  8. Would like the moon clutch in cammello, brandy and plum suede.
  9. I am normally over in the LV forums, but the MG large tote has caught my eye! Looks like I may have decent timing based on this thread. :smile: Would love to hear from anyone who happens to have both an MG tote and an LV Neverfull on what you like/dislike, differences, etc.! Now which color tote do I want? Hmmmm....🤔

  10. Oh no! [emoji47] That's the exact bag that I've been wanting since forever! Please tell me why you don't like it. My main concern was the fragility of the leather. I don't know if I could handle all of the scuffing and imperfections that seem so prominent with this leather. [emoji22]
  11. Those are what make the veg tanned. I like how they get an aged look but each to their own, not for everyone.
  12. Since I don't care for large bucket I got last time, possibly a mini bucket in the same colors - black/raw :smile:

  13. I actually prefer the MG. i have since sold my neverfull and kept the large tote. The price difference is one big difference. The large tote also comes with the pouch. Even though the tote is all leather, i think the calfskin finish makes it hardy and i did not have to baby it at all. No scratches until now which actually surprised me. I am thinking about getting a second one haha

  14. Thank you!

  15. If you're not into the worn leather look you could look into the saffiano version?
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