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  1. Anyone know when or what it might be?
  2. I think they usually have a TSV in August or thereabouts. That is not to say they will this year, though.
  3. I have been wondering myself. I haven't enjoyed the last two years of TsV's except for the Brenna. I didn't order it because I didn't care for it at first, but now I'm thinking one may be in my collection at some point. I really want a TSV that will "wow" me.
  4. The hobo bag from February I got in fushia. I love it so much. The handle has the buckles on it .
    That was a good tsv.
  5. I read on some purse blog that hobos are very big for next year!
  6. Is anyone concerned about the lack of new bags on Q? Since the last TSV there has only been a handful (if that) of new items. Currently there is only a page and a half of non-"As Is" items and a good chunk of them are on clearance or are items that have been available for years. There have also been fewer shows but I assumed that was typical for summer. Now I am seriously beginning to wonder...could this be the end?
  7. I think it is just because Dooney hasn't really come out with much new few a few months. I think Dooney sells well on the q because of the great return policy and easy pay. My opinion is its just kinda between seasons.
  8. I hope you are right. I love watching the shows. I was waiting for the small gingham, Verona Bionda, the bitsies, Stonington, Florentine Logan, Madison signature, the Toni, linen and the new leather crocodile. I have bought a few of them on Dooneypay, clearance at Dillard's and ILD. Sigh. Because I don't live near a store I like to see them on TV before I buy. Luckily I have not been disappointed so far.

    I noticed there were a lot of new Florentines on today. Only time will tell if any of these make it to the Q.
  9. Anyone heard anything yet?
  10. Thank's for the info!
  11. Thanks for the link.
  12. Anyone ordering? Never had an AK bag but this one looks nice.
  13. I'm not ordering but that berry color is beautiful.