Next question: Petaluma Outlet vs Napa

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  1. Ok ladies, I have decided that I definetly want to visit the Coach outlet while I am vacationing in San Francisco but now I can't decide between Petaluma or Napa. I called the hotel that I will be staying at and they told me that the outlet in Napa is only about a half hour from the one in Petaluma. I need to know which one to go to and I will not have enough time to visit both of them.

    Please help:confused1:
  2. Can you make it to Gilroy? Personally I think the Gilroy outlet is AMAZING
  3. Do you prefer Signature? If you do, Petaluma is the way to go as they are the only "Signature" outlet in Nor. Cal. Napa is smaller I think, & will have minimal Signature (store returns & maybe some accessories).

    The Outlet Mall at Petaluma I like better than the one in Napa. There is an Off 5th Avenue (Saks) outlet right next to the Coach store in Petaluma.

    Actually, even if you like Leather better (which I do), Petaluma might still be the way to go as it's closer and they also have Leather. The Saks outlet also carries Coach, Prada, etc.

    This will give you the list of stores at Petaluma:|Petaluma,%20CA|LOCATED%2050%20MINUTES%20NORTH%20OF%20SAN%20FRANCISCO&ssr=3

    and at Napa:|Napa,%20CA|LOCATED%201%20HOUR%20NORTH%20OF%20SAN%20FRANCISCO&ssr=3

    Oh, and I think Gilroy is even further than Napa or Petaluma. If you want to go to an outlet larger than Napa that is primarily leather, I think Vacaville would probably be closer than Gilroy. Ok, I decided to MapQuest for you - 1hr 20min. to Gilroy, 58 min. to Vacaville, 55 min. to Napa, 50 min. to Petaluma. Now Petaluma isn't only 5 minutes from Napa, but it's because you take a different route to get to each that the time works that way. I still think Petaluma because the drive is so pretty.
  4. Thanks for the wonderful advice. I prefer signature so I guess that I will definetly be going to Petaluma.
  5. cindy are you in Nor Cal too? I haven't been to the gilroy outlet because others are so much closer for me. I've shopped at that center, just not Coach, and it was YEARS ago. They do have a huge variety of stores there, so that is nice.
  6. I am originally from Fresno but have a lot of family in Nor Cal so I visit frequently. I usually always go to the Gilroy outlet because its conviently on the way home. Its huge and has a great selection, worth the drive IMO.
  7. I'm 70 miles from Fresno (Mariposa California, Yosemite National Park). For some reason I thought there was an outlet in Visalia? In all my searching on the internet I haven't found an outlet in Central California. Any info? Thanks.
  8. I think the closest for you might be to go to the coast at Santa Barbara. I know of none in the central valley. In LA there is one by Ventura, maybe that's why you thought Visalia. It's in Camarillo.

  9. Thanks for doing the mapquesting for me. That was very sweet of you.:heart: I am very excited about coming to California. The concierge told me that if I drive to Petaluma we will also see the wine country. I am also looking forward to driving over the golden gate bridge.
  10. there is the Tulare Outlets, but I am not sure that there is a Coach outlet there.
  11. Petaluma see the wine country? Hmmm...didn't know that. Maybe small parts. Actually Napa is the start of the Napa Valley and is the main Wine Country. Though, there is the Sonoma Valley Wine Country and maybe you see that on your drive. The way I go to Petaluma, we don't see that, but I come from a different direction than you'll be going. Going to Mt. Tam is also beautiful & is north of the GGB.
  12. i just checked, there isn't. [​IMG]

  13. I could have sworn that the concierge said that we go through the wine country but maybe I miss understood.:confused1:

    I am traveling with my little boy so we wont be stopping for any wine tasting anyway. I am already going to have to buy new games for the PSP to keep him preoccupied while I am shopping in the Coach store.

  14. :crybaby: me too! But thanks so much for checking!
  15. Its definitely more than 30 minutes from Petaluma to Napa. Personally..if you're considering traveling to those two outlets...then I'd go to Vacaville instead...which is the best North of San Francisco IMO and pretty close to the napa outlet. Of course...if you want to drive a little others have said..I think gilroy is the best in the bay area.