Next purchase

Apr 9, 2011
Hello ladies!
Since my first mulberry purchase of the lovely Oak Bays I have been on a Mulberry spiral. I told myself 2017 would be a bag ban since I purchased my dream bag however the SA that helped me informed me she has a mini Cara in black. This truly would be my last purchase for the year and I can't get this bag out of my head. I've been reading through threads but would love to hear how any ladies with the mini feel about the size. I'm gravitating towards it because I have big bags and nothing really smaller. It's just hard to tell from online how big it actually is.


Aug 26, 2013
I own the mini Cara in midnight camo and it is lovely. I added a long navy strap that I made myself and wear it cross body. I can keep almost everything in it that I keep in my bigger bag: a french purse, the multi zip pouch, iphone 6, car keys, house keys, paper hankies, a foldable bag and a iphone 4 sleeve that I use as a card holder. Hope this helps.