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  1. Chloe Paddiington

  2. B. Fendi

  3. Chanel Classic Flap Large

  4. Other (please list in thread)

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  1. So after being really demoralized yesterday about the paddington/spy order that didnt go through I've decided to get something.

    Here are the choices:

    Chloe Paddington Silver

    B. Fendi (brown/black patent)

    Chanel Classic Flap Large


    I love the silver paddington, but am afraid the metallic might come off, has anyone had problems with that? I'm also wondering if the anthracite color might be better (if I can find it).

    The B. Fendi is just something I wanted to try out since I haven't seen them in person. I'm not too sold out it yet.

    The Chanel is nice, but for some reason it doesn't excite me as much as it should.

    I'd get more than one, but I'm most likely going to purchase a birkin/kelly in June and only need something to hold me over until then:lol:

    Last thing, are there any of those wonderful NM/Saks/Elux codes going around? I always seem to buy stuff and then right after that find a code!:Push:
  2. Wow!! 100% for B.Fendi! that's something!
  3. you and me both Norkio.... lets get a chanel bag together!!!!!
  4. Get the Paddy in anthracite. To me the silver is a bit blingy, unless that's the look you're after or don't mind the bling factor. The anthracite just looks so gorgeous and can be used for a dressier occasion as well as casual.

    Not loving the Fendi B bags.

    I do really like the Chanel but going by what u said that it doesn't excite u that much, then I don't think your heart is into it, at this stage anyway. Maybe get that at a later date. I was tossing up b/w the Chanel or another paddy.. and decided the Paddy for now, Chanel for next time;)
  5. anthracite or chanel!
  6. wow, chloe and chanel tied to far, and B fendi is doing a bit better than I thought it would.

    Add this B. Fendi to the B. Fendi choices:

  7. Go Chanel !

    I've never really liked the Fendi B, and it continues to not entice me in all of it's colours and forms.
  8. ^^^wow even with your vote, its still tied! lol.
  9. I picked Chanel but I'm liking that white Fendi B bag too.
  10. Not anymore, Chanel pulls ahead with a slight lead !! :lol:
  11. :lol: you're right :biggrin: I'm not sure why I'm not more excited about the Chanel. They are great bags, I'm just being too picky.
  12. Not at all, if you're dropping serious dough on a bag, you better be head over heels in love with it and not doubt it for a second ! Maybe you actually want to hold out for a second Hermes. :lol:
  13. chloe anthracite
  14. hehe, the $1800+ on this bag wouldn't make a dent on a second Hermes (after I get the first of course lol).

    I am so confused as to what to get! The Chanel is really nice, but the paddington is so....bling? I have always liked metallics, but would it go with everything?

    I wish Chanel had done a reissue in silver!
  15. Noriko, what ever happens to Balenciaga? Thought you were looking into buying one or did you buy one already?