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Home run, or first second base?

  1. Honey, get the bag!!

  2. Go for an accesory, you dont have any!

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  1. What should I do ladies?
    Should I get something now, like sunglasses or shoes. Hubby says I can get something to feed my addiction. I'm thinking sunglasses, or shoes. OR. Should I wait until the end of May and get a bag?
    I have to save for it..grr. If I didn't, and used credit. Honey, I'd be in the hole for god knows how much! Anyways, opinions please..
    I reallly want another bag, so I'm leaning toward a bag. But- I don't have any Chanel accessories YET, so Idk what to do..:confused1:
  2. I'd say get only what you want. Since it is a hb that you want and not accessories, then you shld get the hb =)
  3. Don't get something just to get something. I always end up regretting those purchases. Wait until you have enough money to buy something you love.
  4. I will still choose to go for the bag as that is wat you deemed for most~

  5. I agree!
  6. i say get a bag if that's what u really want :yes:
  7. I voted accessory
  8. MAY is only 2 weeks away, i say save and buy a bag :graucho:
  9. I voted HB too. It'll be may before you know it
  10. definitely wait for the bag!
  11. Wait for a bag. Keep in mind the NY Mobile Exhibit is coming to NY in Sept. and there will be a special edition handbag. Fall handbags will be arriving late summer as well -- and it sounds like lots of choices. Would give you a span of time in which to save.
  12. i also say wait for a bag. i'm holding out for one also!! GL
  13. I say go for the bag. Your hubby sounds pretty sweet. :smile: You can probably talk him into letting you get the accessories later anyways. :graucho::lol:
  14. Hold off until May and get the bag that you really want...and then get your accessories
  15. Another vote for the bag!!