Next purchase... which one?

  1. Neverfull GM or the palermo xl ?

    I love big bags, and I know everyone raves about the neverfull - but has anyone purchased or has pics of the new palermo?

  2. palermo xl
  3. I think that the neverfull is a cheaper option if you'd like a big bag and something else to spend on you know? But for goegeous factor...def go for the palermo. Hope that helps!
  4. Palermo :yes:
  5. If luck is on my side...I will try and get a Tivoli PM tomorrow. I called today and there was one on hold. If the customer didn't pick it up by tonight they said I can call in the morning and they'll hold it for me. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. palermo xl.. i think it is a nicer bag than the neverfull GM
  7. Neverfull...not a fan at all of the Palermo!
  8. I like the Neverfull... the Palermo is just too much in person IMO.
  9. I like the Neverfull better
  10. neverful
  11. neverfull... I love mine. so easy to use very comfy.
  12. Neverfull. One of my fave bags
  13. Palermo!!
  14. Another vote for Neverfull:tup: