Next purchase Speedy 25 Mono or Azur?

  1. Hi, I need help in deciding what to purchase next. Mono or Azur. I already have the Damier. I like the light color of the Azur but afraid to baby it- for the mono, there are so many people carry it. Help, me decide by tomorrow.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Mono, it's a classic and I love mine. I know many people have it but I don't care. It's a great bag.
  3. I vote for the Mono! I love mine to death! And it's such a great bag~ I don't baby it at all and it's still in great shape. I also have the Azur Speedy and this one I do baby so I don't carry it as often...
  4. I have the Azur, but I definitely don't carry it as much as my Mono. It's a beautiful bag and I love it, but I'm too scared of getting it dirty.
  5. i love the azur but i guess if you wanna go for a more classic look, then it's mono.. but azur is such a great colour for summer.. and it's also very casual..
  6. Azur...perfect for Spring and Summer.
  7. Definitely Mono - no contest at all. You already have one with the "checkerboard," and as much as I love Damier, I would go with the classic LV monogram speedy. I love mine~!
  8. I would go with the mono. I thought I wanted the azur as well, and then I saw the mono and I was in love. Plus you can carry the mono anytime. The azur is best for spring and summer.

    Although the new mono lin croisette collection is beautiful!! That gives you the pretty blue and white look of the azur with the mono LVs. A little more expensive, but very pretty.
  9. Monogram :tup:
  10. I think monogram as well. It looks great with everything you wear and all year round!
  11. I like the 25 in Azur ~ looks cute!
  12. azur... sunny days are comingggg... get the mono later..
  13. I only like the monogram in 30 and up. so azur if you're getting the 25.