Next purchase -- please help me decide!

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Which one?

  1. Damier Azur Pochette

  2. Damier Azur Mini Pochette

  3. Epi Myrtille Pochette

  4. Neither -- give me options

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  1. Main purchase is to put my makeup and lil stuff floating in my big bags.
    • Damier Azur Mini Pochette
    • Damier Azur Pochette
    • Epi Myrtille Pochette
    Which one and why? Thanks yall!
  2. Just because I prefer epi to Damier Azur. I feel that it could get dirty in your bag.
  3. Azur Pochette!
    That way, you can use it as a mini bag alone for days you don't want to carry much.
  4. I chose the Damier Azur Pochette because then you can use it as a bag on some days. The mini maybe a little too small.