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  1. Okay, so I came to the realization that my purple suede declics that I got from Barney's were just a hair too big. I need the 39 in those, not the 39.5 I had. Luckily, I made another TPF'ers day because she was hunting for them. Although that was fullfilling, I still have a little hole in my heart where the purplies were :cry:.

    So, soon, I need to fill the void. I was going to go for the fuxia lizard vp's at SCP, but I don't think I can bring myself to spend $1500. That's like 2 pair! So, assuming I don't grow a set and will myself to get the lizards, I'm thinking about a couple of other things.

    Here's what I have:
    Black patent VP
    Black leather VP, red toe
    Leopard Sabotage
    Taupe Minibout
    Rouge Bianca
    Anthacite Declic 120
    Black leather Declic 120, although I worry they are getting too stretched
    Blue and Black Simple 100

    I'm wondering if I should get a black ankle bootie since I don't have any for fall/winter? But I'd also like the black leather Bianca (In LOVE with that shoe!!!!) to have another black closed-toe option. My concern with the Bianca is that I don't want them to over stretch and end up with a gap in the back like my Declics and Simples. I unfortunatley have very skinny heels and tiny ankles. With wide feet. ugh. I have a 38 in Bianca patent and I couldn't go any smaller, but reg. leather is different.....

    Thanks for putting up with my long post, you guys are the best!
  2. I vote for booties! Is there a purple suede bootie in existence? That would be amazing.
  3. Some of my current loves....
    I want things to be classic with a twist, so I could wear them year to year....



  4. I thought so, but I couldn't remember for sure. So cute!!
  5. Thanks Divine and Blueberry!

    I saw the purple booties, but if I'm doing a bootie, it should be black. I also saw those 39 declics, but if you look closely at the pics, there are some weird folds at the toe by the sole on one of the shoes. As there is no return policy on the *bay, I don't want to risk it.
  6. What a pity.

  7. Doesn't the Bianca come in black patent too? I thought I saw them somewhere but I could be mistaken. I know you said you want kid but the patent would be less likely to stretch on you.
  8. I agree with Cllover, Decocolico! I added that one today on my wishlist, it's gorgeous!
  9. Yeah, Bianca is gorgeous in black patent, tried it on when I got my rouge patent from NM. Also have thought of the black watersnake at BH, but I don't know how watersnake wears over time. I like patent, but I'm wondering what is more wearble overall?

    And I love the Decocolico, but I don't like that color suede :sad:
  10. If you like the Bianca, why don't you try the Moulage - the shoe-bootie version?
  11. ^^A good point. Adding to the mental list :graucho:
  12. Wouldn't you just love a Bianca Mary-Jane dreachick??? That's my current dream shoe...
    We're almost foot twins by the way - I have skinny ankles and wide toes, that's why I love Mary-Janes and boots.

    What about purple jazz No Barre? I'd LOVE a pair of those...:drool: