next purchase? and more!!

  1. some of you guys might recognize me as beauty_fix on LJ. i kinda stumbled here by accident, but i really like the setup of this forum!

    i really want another toki bag even though i got four this month alone (and a porta!)... i might try to weasle something less $$ out of my hubby, but i'm not sure what. i want a spiaggia bambione, but the 4 i saw at macy's a week and a half ago all had horrible placement, making me kinda scared that i wouldn't be able to find the placement i want. also, i will be taking a trip at the end of the month, so i was thinking of getting a trenino from eBay. i want them all, it's so hard to decide!

    what's next on your list to buy?
  2. Welcome :biggrin: & yeahh I've seen you on LJ :smile: Hiiiiii.

    Anyways, next on my list is a bag in Foresta & a porta w/ either the sushi boy (paradiso) or happy unicorn (spiaggia)...I have my Tan Playground Bella coming soon :biggrin: woot.
  3. Hi toki_steph! ^_^

    The next thing on my list is my pre-ordered Tutti bambinone and denaro with my perfect print placement. Other than that, I don't plan on getting anything else anytime soon because I just bought another Coach bag. I truly have no use for a million bags but I can't help it. As long as I have no balance on my credit card, right?! Hahaha.

    I see you're from Vacaville. I forgot which thread we talked about this in (I think the Waikele Outlet one) but I went to the Vacaville Outlet in October 2005. I can't believe how far it spanned!! I would love to visit all the different outlet malls across the US!!

    Alrighty, 11 pm here... Oyasumi!! Night!!
  4. maya, i actually work in the outlets, i've been there (the store i work at now, before that it was sanrio) for 2 and a half years. if you went to sanrio, i may have been there! the mall is pretty big though, but i never shop there. before xmas i was offered a job at the coach outlet but i passed coz i don't like coach! -_- will i be banned if i say that?! :supacool: i'm waiting for them to open a LSS outlet up here, but i think that'll be after all the toki stuff is gone.

    foresta is my fave, jess. i have BV but i want another bag (a ciao, a bambione, a ZUCCA!!) with the little cougar guy on it somewhere. i want another porta, it's so great, i could use a 2nd one as a makeup case, i like it better than the caramella.
  5. Welcome to the forum steph!

    I think bambinone is a good small-medium bag, if u cant find a good placement one at your local macys, maybe u can try eBay?

    the next on my list will be something in trasporto, either a campeggio, mamma mia, or zucca. I havent decide yet :p
  6. azumie, i am stealing your doggie! i want to get a longhair doxie, but i have to wait a while... :sad: can we trade toki for doggie?? hahah!
  7. he he, he's my diamond (lol). And yea, u better prepare urself before getting a doggie. I need to sacrifice some stuff for having him around. I cant stay overnight for most of the time. He will get stressed out and have diarrhea if i'm not around :sad:. He also chewed on my shoes and stuffed toys when he was a puppy. :cursing:

    But doggies are so cute ... ^^ and make me happy
  8. welcome to the forum toki_steph!! :smile:
  9. Wow, all that in Foresta eh? I just want one haha..preferably a bella or a bambinone lolz...must have the lil dinosaur in egg, that lil sasquatch thing behind the tree and the lil lion. lol.
  10. I did go to Sanrio!! I don't remember any of the SA's though... I think they were all asian?

    Hehe. I have the tiger on all three of my Foresta pieces - BV, bella, and denaro. He is cute!!
  11. maya, at that time we only had a filipino girl working there, everyone else was a cracka like me! ^-^ or at least as far as i can remember.

    i love foresta, it's by far my favorite (green is my favorite color and i :heart: apples), pirata is second. i need more pirata too, like a gioco and a BV......
  12. oh geezus my next to buy list is my preorder for trasporto gioco..i dunno what other bag i want in trasporto..i love mainly gioco and zucca..but i think it'll be too "drabby" to wear as a zucca...but who knows what i may buy cuz i have HELLA auctions on eBay right now x.x bad bad! so it'll be a surprise on what i get next! lol
  13. I know what you mean. I just bought my first Coach over the weekend at the outlet. Last spring's patchwork wristlet. Now I've got my eye on a couple of Coach bags. I need another purse like I need a whole in my head with all the Toki bags I've got.
  14. i stay away from coach... toki is expensive enough for me!
  15. hiya! i'm k_im from LJ :smile: wow, this month i got 5 bags (it's been a longg month), two just today! the mailman must have been busyy :biggrin: i got my spiaggia bambinone & an original bella. i was thinking of getting a porta too, but had to be the right placement ;)

    i still have yet to get a caramella, buon viaggio, mamma mia, or stellina, so those are all possibilities for the next prints (tutti!) or perhaps from adios star if i find a good one.