next purchase: a keepall


which keepall would you get?

  1. monogram

  2. damier

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. hi everyone

    i know i want a keepall as my next purchase (either a 50 or 55 with straps of course:yes: ) but i can't decide between the mono or the damier. which one would you get?

    thanks in advance!:flowers:
  2. Damier. I have the mono, and it's gorgeous and I love it, but it is horrible with the pale vachetta because I have to work really hard to keep it away from liquids like drinks and sweat if I have to run trough the airport etc, so I would've gotten the damier. The damier also draw less attention since it's not that many people that knows that it's LV, but if that's a positive or a negative is up to you.
  3. ^ good point, i also vote for the damier.
  4. I say Damier too even though I have 2 mono's. The vahetta will get dirty on the bottom due to being set down. Damier is a bit less maintainence.
  5. I like the Damier Keepall. I don't like the vachetta getting dirty on the mono.
  6. Damier, its less prone to getting dirty with the canvas and handles.
    Its also on my want list! =)
  7. :yes::yes: That's why I chose the Damier vs the mono
  8. Take it from me..I'd go with Damier, Luggage & Natural Vachetta shouldn't be in the same sentence...
  9. I voted for the damier for the same reasons that the other ladies cited.:yes:
  10. damier all the way!!!
  11. Id go with the mono, but only because I like the looks of it better.
  12. thanks for the replies :tender:
  13. I'd recommend the Damier too eventhough I have the Keepall 50 in Mono. Just prefer the look of Damier these days.
  14. :yes: Same here.
  15. Damier all the way!
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