Next PSN Night at Holt Renfrew?

  1. Does anyone knows when is the next PSN night happening? My SA told me it will be sometime in september. I was wondering if anyone knows for sure when it is!! :smile: Time to get some LVs lol :smile:
  2. should be Wed Sept 5th
  3. Thank you!!
  4. Anyone know when the next one is in 2008??!
  5. March? I think but I don't know which date yet.
  6. Hi all. PSN is on March 12th here in Calgary which is usually also the date for the majority of stores.

    On that topic I am curious - does anyone attend or just pick up their purchases that night? They have become an absolute zoo here and you can't look at anything because it's so packed with people.
  7. Would you mind explaining how PSN works? I thought that was only for makeup products. Thanks!
  8. Yes, just got my invite...March 12.
  9. How far in advance can you purchase and hold?
  10. Hey, what is a PSN?
  11. ^ private shopping night. sometimes there are specific GWP for cosmetics or handbags (like little wallets, keychains, etc.) but mostly it's a night when you go after hours and can get money back for purchases. it's not much but that's why a lot of ppl make HUGE's like $50 for every $750 or something...
  12. I usually go just to observe all the chaos.... I'm not a fan of paying reg price for anything (I think I am just way to cheap!), even if I get a "bit" back in gift cards!
  13. My girlfriends and I use PSN night as an excuse to get together for drinks or dinner. The shopping part is pretty difficult.

    The gift cards work as follows - they really only benefit if you buy in high $ amounts:

    Spend $750 - get $50 gift card back
    Spend $1250 - get $100 gift card back
    Spend $2250 - get $200 gift card back
    Spend $5000 - get $500 gift card back.

    Of course most people really just go for the food and drinks.

    But you can see if you've been planning on splashing out on a bag it's a good idea to try and score at least one lower amount gift card.
  14. I just got mine as well. I used to get myself a bag or two on that day...but since US$ is lower and their return policy is better so I no longer want to shop at holts!!besides...this gift card reward is sort of ......!!
  15. I haven't gone in years.

    $100 card for spending $1250... they really have to do better than that.