Next price increase?

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  1. I heard rumors that there was going to be another price increase around august or september. Anyone know for sure?
  2. I would be very upset if they do that again.
  3. I'm going to faint...
  4. Oh brother:sad:
  5. Seriously, I think once a year is enough. They're losing business by doing this so much..I mean, I'm not going to stop buying them but still.
  6. HAHA Rebecca! "im not goin to stop buying them but still" lol

    I laughed out loud!!

    As long as I get my watch by then (crosses fingers) I will be okay lol thats my BIG buy
  7. *sighs*
  8. i think LV_addict -- or someone else, i may have gotten this wrong -- posted somewhere that her SA said the next increase will be in 2007.

    cross all fingers and toes!
  9. oh good! I was going to die if someone confirmed the august/september price increase LOL. that is way too soon for another one! I hope the next one is late 2007, instead of January!
  10. Yes, my SA told me not till 2007 but then again you never know. I just can't see them (LV) having 3 price increases in one year. Mind you, most people (NOT tPF members:lol:) are prob. not aware of price increase at all!:idea:
  11. i think it's absolutely insane to have three increases in a year, or even two for that matter :mad:

    just last night i was looking at all my eLuxury receipts, and i saw that i bought my Manhattan PM in February for $1280. and now in just 4 months, the price has gone up by $110! :censor::rant::censor::rant:
  12. Oh no!! not this soon...I have a couple wants..but can't get them right now.
  13. ugh, i would hate LV if they decide to raise the price one more time this year... Gosh, why r they keep doing this to us???
  14. I hope not, there are a few things that I would like to get before then!
  15. i was livid when they increased the price in June. i will be in severe apoplexy the next time around.