Next Price Increase??!?

  1. Hi everyone. I just purchased my Speedy 30 Damier!:smile::smile: I almost walked out with the Azur zippy wallet with another Speedy 30 Azur...but my boyfriend was there so couldn't cause he just doesn't understand:p this obsession I have!!! Anyways, my question is does anyone know when the next price increase is going to happen??
  2. LV JUST had one less than 30 days ago!
  3. Are you serious?? Would you happen to know when the next one is? Maybe an estimate or is it just random??
  4. ^Not for another few months, I would hope.
    We never know when one is happening until about 2 weeks before it happens.
  5. Last increase was Jan 23'08
  6. PLEASE....NO MORE INCREASE...or i will never be bale to get my LV...:crybaby:
  7. PLeaseeeeeeeeeee no more for awhile. Everything already is too much $$$$
  8. yep this is the case unfortunately :sad:
  9. yeah, i know how you feel!!
  10. I feel like I should buy what a want as soon as I can before the increase happens...if only it was possible..............
  11. I've heard rumors of a summer increase but I hope they remain nothing more than rumors. I think its safe to say they won't be increasing for a while
  12. Oh man, I hope it won't be for a LONGGG time, there's so much stuff on my wishlist that I plan to get by summer but if another price increase is going to go into effect, I'll never get them. :sad:
  13. No more increases pleeeeeeease!
  14. if there's another increase some time this year, i'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that cnd dollar will be going very strong and we won't be (much) affected. BTW, does anyone keep track of how often LV has price increases on an annual basis?
  15. I hope not for a long time ...