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  1. Hello, I havent kept up with any Chanel news for awhile, and was wondering if there has been a price increase on the Timeless Clutch? How much is it going for now? (last I remember caviar was $895) I plan to buy in a week or two!

    Thanks for you help,
  2. Someone said around 1295 (I think... that number is stuck in my head)
    Someone also said 1195 for the satin I think?
  3. My patent clutch was $1125 +tax, and the caviar might be a little less. Yes, they did go up in Nov, I think.
  4. i'm planning to save up for a chanel bag and i was wondering if anyone knows when the next price increase will be?
  5. Good God I hope not anytime ever.
  6. Hi all--

    I'm sure this has been discussed before and I really really apologize for what is I'm sure a duplicate post, but since the search function is disabled, I can't find anything......

    When is the next price increase? I have heard both March and May, but recently a friend of mine told me her SA said it would be late January.

    Has anyone heard anything? I'm going to try to go to Saks this w/e and talk to either Diane or Delyse, but I wanted to see if you guys had heard anything first.

  7. The only price increase I've heard about is on fine jewelry the beginning of April. I'm sure if there is one on bags it will soon follow.
  8. but one already took place in november 07! They're having another one?
  9. Ugh....:cursing:hopefully not soon.....They just had one this past Nov.:tdown:
  10. hope not!
  11. When I saw the title of this thread, I nearly fainted.
    Another chanel price increase for the nth time?!!! I hope never!!! :wacko:
  12. Before people start flipping out, I think it is important to keep in mind that as soon as one price increase is over, there are rumors of another one and the majority end up being wrong. If you remember, most SAs didn't seem to know about the November 1 increase until maybe a month or so before it happened. There was no real confirmation before then.

    I am not saying that there won't be one in 2008, I hope not, but I also don't think it really does any good for people to get worked up just yet. :yes:
  13. *Fingers are crossed for NEVER*
  14. I'm hoping there won't be one until after April/May
  15. I'm hoping to finally score a Chanel in 08, so I hope there is NO price increase on the horizon!
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