Next price increase?

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  1. Some in the forum believe it is June 1.

    Does anyone have solid confirmation on this?

  2. :wtf:

    If that's true, I have to get my birthday bag TOMORROW! OMG....

  3. I know :sad: Me too :sad: Problem is I over spent this month :crybaby:
  4. WAAA????? That's way too soon! I want to get my Neverfull!!!
  5. Is this confirmed? Did someone talk to the SA?
  6. I personally have not heard of any price increase and there are several others who have been told that there would not be any increases this year.

    It seems to be a common thing now towards the 1st of every month for rumors like this to go around.
  7. I've been visiting the forum every day and I haven't read anything about price increases :shrugs: Usually when a price increase is imminent, it's like the #1 hot topic and if it existed I seemed to have missed it totally.
  8. Thank you so very much Lvbabydoll and Karman :heart: Now I can breath :P
  9. I haven't heard of a price increase either. I'm in LV at least once a week.
  10. I haven't heard it either. And pleaseeeeeeeee NO price increase this year or I might move to Chanel instead :Push:.....I'm in dilemma right now, between Chanel Timeless Clutch, Chanel Timeless Classic in Pink (If still Exist), Le Fabuleux, Le Epanoui, Nimbus, or Cirrus??? (A lot huh?:roflmfao:)
  11. ^^That's why I was wondering where the topic even came from- I visit this thread pretty often and I remember last year, during the last late May/ early June price increase, people couldn't discuss anything else.
  12. i went to lv today and bought 2 things form 2 different lv's and none of the sa's mentioned a price increase =]
  13. Thanks everyone!....I hope and pray that there aren't any increases this year, lol!

    Still got a lot of classic stuff to add to my collection!
  14. i really hope there aren't any more price increses this year, but thats wishfull thinking :rolleyes:. I remember a few months ago when we all thought there was a price increase coming and it was all that was talked ago, fortunately it didnt end up happening hehe.
  15. So it hasn't happened or am I slow?