Next Price Increase...Mizi vs. others?

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  1. Does anyone know when the next price increase for LV will be?

    Also, what are your thoughts on Mizi versus manhattan GM.

    Even though Mizi is nowhere tobe found currently, I should propbably still wait until it is instead of investing in manhattan.

    I imagine myself wearing either one with a cream pea coat and fabulous brown boots in the winter months ahead.

    Let me know...Mizi vs, manhattan!
  2. i like mizi
  3. I prefer the Mizi too:heart:
  4. I have both bags. I have never carried my mizi but its a beauty. The manhattan gm was heavy for me the fist day or so. Now i love love it. :heart:

    my Bf says its the best looking LV that I own

    But I don't think the Mizi is coming back into production. It has been discontinued. Did you hear otherwise?
  5. I love the Mizi. As far as I know it's been discontinued. I called and ask and begged for LV to find me one and it never happened.
  6. I tried on the Manhattan GM/PM yesterday and really didnt like them. The GM was way too bulky to fit under my arm comfortably. For some odd reason this bag looks better in pictures than it does IRL. JMO.
  7. Just wanted to say that I own both Mizi and Manhattan GM and would probably pick Mizi over Manhattan because it's not as heavy. It's a tough call though. If you can find Mizi - GO FOR IT!!! The bag is simply STUNNING IRL!:love: Here are some pics to compare the two:
    manhattanGM.JPG mizi2.JPG mizivsmangm.jpg miziman.jpg mizi.jpg
  8. Def. hard to find
  9. They're both gorgeous bags! I wish I owned both. LOL.
  10. I vote for mizi.
  11. Both are gorgeous! If I had to choose I'd pick the Manhattan. I'd be afraid of the vachetta on either size of the zipper on the Mizi because I know I would get it dirty. But that's just me. :lol:
  12. While I love the Mizi I prefer the Manhattan. I think the Manhattan is classier/dressier looking.
  13. Thanks Girls, especially you "Lv addict" over in Toronto.

    Your pics are great.
  14. Mizi...too gorgeous plus you don't see too many of them.
  15. I really liked the Mizi until I saw it at the store, and then it just looked enormous! I like the Manhattan line a bit better. The hardware is fabulous, even though it does make the bag heavier as LV_addict said. I say go for the Manhattan.
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