Next PCE event will be around...

  1. St. Patrick's Day so my SA let slip!! Woo-hoo!! :yahoo:
  2. aaaahh! awesome!
  3. i'm not saying anything! :winkiss:
  4. Kallison I love your new siggie!

    My friend was the enabler on my fashion doll board. We actually gave her a wand to wave over people, LOL.
  5. come on, spill! what do you know that we don't know?
  6. LOL!:sneaky:
  7. me, know stuff? Who do you think I am?! :shrugs:
  8. oh yeah, play dumb. good defense. ;)

  9. how much do you think that the price requirement to be to get one? i only spent 195 with my last coupon (the second one i've gotten) so i dont think that i'll be getting one :s
  10. There is no price requirement- pleaseee check the faq's! but mainly it's a randomly selected group of people who get them once in a while and also a small % of the top customers who get them everytime.
  11. ^^^ Not sure about that. I'm in my store weekly (sometimes more so, and my SA thinks I should work there) and we usually get something most of the times we're there (either my Mom or myself).
  12. im so excited for the next pce!!!!
  13. I am really hoping that I get one. I got one in December but I did not use it. I am hoping that will not stop me from getting one in March. I just realized that I want to use it for the Ergo bag that will not be out until April.:confused1:
  14. So you are not denying that this information could be correct???

    Krispin, I think Kallison needs a wand! It'd be so cute! Perhaps this is close enough: :noggin: Kinda like a wand, huh? Not that we need a knock on the head to be enticed into buying Coach though!
  15. I was just at my local Coach store a few minutes ago and I asked my favorite SA if he knew when the next PCE event was going to be since there are a few things I want to buy. He also said mid-late March. I came straight home and was going to post the great news but I see krispin41 beat me to it. :yes: