Next PCE? Anyone knows when?

  1. Appreciate any feedback :smile: Thanks
  2. As frequent as they have been lately - I would assume in the next couple weeks or so we should have another one.

    They will want to do one before Mother's Day - I would assume!
  3. I was told April 3rd.
  4. Boy...not much of a break! Another 10 day one? Phoebe excluded? Thanks!
  5. She didn't elaborate on how long it would be and she said didn't no if Phoebe would excluded or not. With the way she's selling, I wouldn't be surprised if she is.
  6. Excluded? I've never heard of anything being excluded from the 25% PCE before.
  7. I never had either but Phoebe was excluded from the last PCE but for some reason wasn't from the Facebook discount.
  8. Hmmm. I just called the FP store and the SA said the next PCE is the end of April for Mother's Day (in May). I wonder what the deal is?

    She did honor the expired Facebook coupon for me to buy my new Phoebe, though!! :yahoo: I just love that!!
  9. Well it is possible I got some bad info. Wouldn't be the first time that happened with Coach. LOL! That's just what the SA told me. Congrats on getting them to give you the FB discount! I love it when that happens! :biggrin:
  10. I hear ya on the "bad info." Most of the time the TPF ladies know more than the SA's. :lol:

    Thanks!! I have a great SA; she always gives me the PCE whether I actually got the offer or not! YAY. :woohoo:
  11. That's so true! :roflmfao:
  12. Thanks to you both for the info! I limit myself to one new bag per PCE so I don't go overboard :biggrin: and so of course I've already got a bag on my wishlist, looking forward to the next PCE! I got something last week with the weekend one, but the SA who helped me didn't know when the next one was coming. End of April is good!

    And congrats on your new Phoebe, MiaBorsa!
  13. Thanks! Sorry I don't know for sure when the next PCE is; it seems like the "SA info" is all over the place.
  14. I was told tonight that the email invite goes out on April 5th. :smile:
  15. yeah!
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