next outlet floor sets


Jun 20, 2007
Canada Eh!
im going to the outlet for the first time in May (the niagra outlet for vic day long wkend) and im v excited! i need a small bag (like groovy size or a touch bigger) for every day use. does anyone know what items (including mff) the outlets will be getting btwn now and then that may fit this criteria? nothing in FP has appealed to me for a while and i havent bought and kept a bag in a yr and half so im excited!


Mmmm Coach *nom nom*
Jan 29, 2009
So Cal 562
There's already the first round of Groovy that has gone to the outlets, but by May, maybe the next round of Poppy will go to the outlets which would be sweet. A swingpack is always a good option and the outlets always have those. Other than that, I really don't know. Right now I think the only things going to the outlet are some Brooke and some Alex. Those are all shoulder/tote type bags, not very small.