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  1. cute!

    I'm not sure what the next bag on my list is, I got a Prada pushlock yesterday that I'm decently satisfied with, but I'll probably go get a YSL St. Tropez medium size over the weekend. We'll see what happens, you know what they said about the best laid plans!
  2. I think you just gave me a bag to write about for tomorrow!! YAY!! What a gorgeous bag (you also just gave me an idea for a weekly thing!!- I won't tell yet, it is a secret!) :biggrin:
  3. Spill! I hate the suspense lol :smile:
  4. Next on the list is probably a Motorcycle Le Dix Balenciaga (black). I know it is nearly out of fashion, but today I have seen it in a shop and it is really wonderful. It is quite expensive too, but I hope I could buy it as soon as possible.
  5. Before I can get the Guccissima Horse belt large hobo or a classic Veneta dark brown, I want to get one of these cheaper alternatives for the immediate need :embarasse (need a practical shoulder bag for Fall), could you pLEAse tell me what you think of these :unsure: ? Which one do you prefer even they are quite different in style? Or none of them? Thanks. (either in Brown or Blue)

    KK :embarasse
  6. I both like the Stirrup Bag and the Hudson Rivet II by Kenneth Cole, they are both passe-partout bags!
  7. I really don't know. When I feel like getting a Dior... I always get a Loewe or LV. It really depends whatever catches my eye when I'm shopping.

    Whenever I plan to get something... I get something else (or it's not as good as expected).

  8. I was just looking at the stirup just the other day , and i like the hole hearted in blue
  9. lol @ me for not noticing its the same bag in the blog , when i just saw it . I was saying t my self i luv that bag
  10. I'm waiting to see a new hair calf Tod's. Funny, I started buying Tod's when I first discovered designer bags but they haven't interested me for a few seaons. I wonder which of us is changing?

  11. I was exactly the same, I didn't look at Tod's bags wice before although I love Hogan shoes (so comfy), NOW I want one and only have my eyes on the good old Mikey bag. I think it's so classic (long lasting) and practical (priority since becoming housewife).

    Second thought on the Guccissima large Hobo, didn't realise it's humongous (I am small of 5'1"), hubby said it'd look ridiculous on me even it's the trend to carry huge bags now. So look into the medium hobo now :embarasse .

    Still somehow really like the bargain KC Hole Hearted II, too bad it isn't a shoulder bag. :sad: And don't like the Botlier anymore.