Next on the AGENDA (and for those of you who have one)...

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  1. I've been thinking of getting a Louis Vuitton Medium Ring Agenda for a while now, but I can't decide which one.


    Monogram Mat Black ($480)


    Taiga Leather Slate ($435)

    Both pictures show the Small Ring Agendas, but they were the only pictures I could find in the colors I wanted. And here come the questions:

    1. Which line should I get? I love the Mat because it's a limited edition and it's already been discontinued, but I called 866-VUITTON yesterday and they still have the Medium agenda in black. Plus is would go with my black Mat Shelton. I love the Taiga because of (obviously) the leather, and even though it's part of the men's collection I think it's a very classic line.

    2. Should I even get an agenda? When I called 866-VUITTON yesterday the lady said that the refills come separately, and that a complete set costs either $52 or $62 (I couldn't hear her very well). So that brings my entire purchase up to at least $500 :wacko:. Is it all worth it?

    Help! :cry:

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  2. I love the mat...cutie cute cute cute!

  3. Mat- I really like it!
  4. The Mat is beautiful!! I would definitely go for that one. I don't have an agenda but if I had the money I would get one... in fact this forum has made me want one badly! :amuse:
  5. I was unsure if I would really use my LV agenda before I bought it. And let me tell you, I'm using it a LOT! I use it as a wallet as well, well for my credit cards at least. It makes me happy everytime I look at it, and it does make organizing so much more fun.
    I have the white MC though, it's a bit more playful and not as professional as your choices. I love the mat black, it's gorgeous. :love:
  6. i like the matte black, so pretty. i have a framboise vernis small ring, and now i'm having second thoughts about it. i'm not a particularly organized person...i dunno. *shrug*
  7. the Mono Mat! It's beautiful~~
  8. i'd go for the monogram black. very pretty!!!
  9. I would say go for the Mat, it's really subtle yet gorgeous. I think the Taiga is a little masculine looking.
  10. Nooo! :P Well, there's always eBay!

    Swedie, I use mine as a wallet, too :nuts: I put the cards that didn't fit in my ludlow wallet in the agenda. I find that I'm using it a good amount, I'm always writing down appointments and phone numbers :amuse:

    yuex, I think you should go for the black matte. It looks very sophisticated, but kinda fun,too :biggrin:
  11. I like the matte
  12. I totally agree!
  13. Go for the mat- how classy it will look when you pull it out of your bag!! :smile:
  14. yeah, i can't decide, a girl from LJ was looking for one and i told her to make me an offer, so we'll see what happens i suppose! it would have to be at or above retail for me to take it.
  15. Mono matte hands down! V