Next on my list......Should I? OPINIONS NEEDED!

  1. Hey all!:nuts: Seriously contemplating the Damier Manosque. I like the smaller one the best:drool: . Do you think my all of my goods below will fit o.k.?:sweatdrop:
  2. Hey Kimmie, you can try them out in mine if you like. The glasses case may be a problem, those Chanel cases take up about a quarter of the space :sad:
  3. I own this bag (Manosque PM). Judging by your picture, it looks like most everything will fit although i'm not sure about the water bottle. Since the bag has an open top you may be able to just nestle all your things in and lay the water bottle across the top without closing the clasp so it holds more. But that's only if you are comfortable with using the tote with the fully open top.
    To be honest I don't use this bag very much at all, and was thinking of selling it. I am more of a handheld bag girl though, but as a daily tote the manosque is very cute and functional! Good luck!

  4. :nuts: Oh wow! Thanks! I'd forgotten you have the very bag Im wanting:yahoo: Would love to try them on!!
  5. Let me know when, my bag is itching to try out that cerises cles.
  6. Look at all those yummie things in your Speedy.
  7. oh darn I missed this yesterday!! See ya in 5 minutes!!:nuts: