Next Macy's Sale?

  1. I'm thinking of getting a Zucca in Famiglia, and the Macy's near me has a TON left, but I'd rather wait until a sale to purchase it because tax in NYC is craaaazy.

    Anyone have any idea when the next one will be?

  2. I think I read on another forum that 19/20 is another One Day Sale event? I haven't really seen any ads or flyers though..
  3. yesterday was 20% off and an additional 20% for me o_o; i went but i didnt get anything... -murmur- kinda regretting it now!
  4. yeah one day sale starts friday and sat. But the only tokidoki's that'll be on sale are the clearance one's, they'll be an extra 40% off.
  5. one silly question, please!

    If I bought something on 9th, the macy's policy is within 10 days can get price adjustment. When is the last day to do the price adjustment? it's on 18th or 19th? I hope I can meet the next macy's sale(19/20) to get the price adjustment. Thanks!
  6. Most macy's are flexible on the date, so you will still be able to do a price adjustment. If not, just ask to see a manager or supervisor. In some instances, they'll let you return the bag and rebuy it at the sale price. Hope that helps!
  7. Thanks for your response, I will give a try.

  8. If they won't price adjust, just bring it back and then re-buy it. But just put up a little fight and they'll do it. At macy's we have to do whatever makes the customer happy 99% of the time. :flowers:
  9. do you guys know if macy's will let you use a savings pass and then still get the additional 15-20% when you use your macy's card?
  10. No, they only accept one coupon code each time.

    Thanks you guys infomation, regarding price adjustment within 10 days. I have called to Macy's, they told me 19th is the last day I can get the price adjustment, not 18th.(I bought it on 9th)

    I am so happy now, I can get some money back and buy more tokidoki bags.....:yahoo:
  11. Where are the clearance tokis? o_o??
  12. You have to dig through the tables or if you get lucky, they're just sitting on the tokidoki table or wall.
  13. too bad my places are usually cleared out lol... darn people have learned where to look :sad:
  14. Does anyone can confirm that one day sale including handbags on 19/20? I have seen the today's paper ads., but it doesn't show the sale for handbags...:confused1:
  15. it's only 40% off of clearance bags.