Next LV will be a ???


Which should be my next LV purchase?

  1. Mono Trouville

  2. Damier Papillon 30

  3. Damier Saleya PM

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Please help me decide on my next LV purchase. Thank you in advance for your response!!! ;)
  2. Damier Papillon 30.
  3. I like saleya.
  4. Saleya or Trouville...
  5. I vote Damier Papillon 30
  6. Trouville, because i have and love it! LOL
  7. Hmm... tough questions. I think I would go Trouville! :love:
  8. Saleya all the way, baby!
  9. I voted for the Damier Papillon 30to be your next LV piece! Good luck on what you decide!
  10. Damier Papillon 30! Especially before all the old stock with the square hardware is gone!
  11. i lihe the Damier Papillon 30
  12. Papillon! :biggrin:
  13. Saleya!!!!!
  14. I love the Trouville..
  15. Saleya ! :yes: