Next LV to save for?

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  1. Now that I own the galliera PM, I need a new LV to save and dream about! What should be the next on my wishlist? I have a black neocabby, a Trevi Gm, a Manhattan PM, and a Berkeley Azur. I'm thinking of a Tivoli GM - I read a lot of wondeful things about this bag. I'm really not into the vernis or mini lins. I don't think I want a speedy or neverful either. Am I missing a good one besides Tivoli? What about the Monty?:idea:
  2. I like the look of the monty among the new styles! You should definitely get that:tup:
  3. would get a hp pouch for my next lv.
  4. As you have many of those classic lines already, why don't you check out some seasonal bags. TisseMM or PM, Beforedark, Joke or even Mirror are what I'm hesitating now.
  5. There are lots of good ones but I've got a bias for Tivoli GM. :love:
    By the way, your collection so far is AWESOME!
  6. I love the idea of the Tivoli. Aim for that!
  7. I love the Tivoli. Go for it!!!
  8. What about Suhali? The Lockit PM is next on my LV list! Or maybe an Epi?
  9. Me too - that is TDF! :drool: