Next LV purchase...

  1. You ladies and guys have ruined me! Now I want a Keepall 55 or 50. I know there have been all kinds of threads about keepalls. Because we fly like sardines on commercial airlines, I worry about the size issue. If we can't use the overhead compartment, does the 55 or 50 fit under a seat in coach? I don't need to run out today, LOL, but I do need something to look forward to, don't I? If I'm carrying my laptop, which has to go in a rolling bag -- 17" screen -- I'm wondering if it's just dumb to even think about the keepall. I won't carry it myself, because that's what DHs are for, right? I'm thinking the damier ebene version. I am waiting to "cash" in my NM points from last year and then I can pay for most of it with gift cards.
    Oh and one more thing - does it have a structured base as opposed to the saggy Speedy bottom? Thanks for advise.
  2. I highly recommend the Eole 50 instead. On a regular aircraft, it fits in the overhead. In a regional jet, it fits under the seat in front of an aisle seat (it's a tight squeeze though!). Gorgeous bag, great construction, and more portable than a Keepall 'cause of the wheels.
  3. No way will a Keepall 55 or 50 fit in the space beneath a coach seat. My Speedy 40 barely fits in the foot space in front of me in a coach seat. If you want a rolling bag that could fit your laptop, you may want to consider the Eole 50, but that will have to go in an overhead bin.