Next LV...Damier - Duomo vs. Saleya PM


Duomo or Saleya PM?

  1. Duomo

  2. Saleya PM

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  1. Winter is coming and Damier is next on my list. I just bought the MC Manhattan PM and just love it! :heart: For my first purchase of Damier, should I get Duomo or Saleya PM?

  2. That is VERY hard because I have the duomo and the Saleya (MM)...but I voted for the Duomo. :yes:
  3. IMO, Saleya is easy to carry and get your stuffs in and out :smile:
    I love its shape :love:
    And, I can wear Saleya PM as hand-held bag and shoulder bag as well ;)
  4. i like both...but i feel that the duomo is too thick..whereas the saleya will fit nice and perfectly beside your body..
  5. They are both wonderful, but I voted for Duomo. I think it is more versatile & easier to dress up. Either one would be a great choice.
  6. Tough decision but voted for Duomo. The bag looks great dressed up or down. I think Saleya is more of a work bag.
  7. Is the MC Manhattan PM special ordered?
  8. No, not at all. It's one of the classic Monogram Canvas selection. I'm sure you've seen it before.

  9. The Manhattan is HOT! My best friend is thinking about getting it for her next bag!
  10. Duomo times a million! I am wanting that bag so bad! :love:
  11. Tough choice.....
    But I had to go with the Duomo, I like handbags more
  12. Definately the duomo. It's still on my want list.:crybaby:
  13. Duomo first, then Saleya.
  14. i love the duomo... i want to get this bag in the future, unfortunately i'm on a ban at the moment. :cry:
  15. I appreciate everyone's input, keep them coming. :tender: Please be sure to VOTE, even if you don't post your reply. :yes: