Next LV Bag???

  1. I said wanted my next LV bag to be the damier azur speedy 25 but now
    i am no longer sure!! So many bags!!! So tell me what you think will be
    a good addition. Right now only have the mono speedy 25!!
  2. hmm...get the MC speedy! white!
  3. get azur speedy, I love mine!
  4. Maybe something in the epi line.
  5. Hmmm... very difficult question :smile: since there are lots of lovely models. Since you already have a speedy model, maybe another model will be good choice. Perhaps, batignolles either vertical or horizontal (love that model!). If would still like to stick w/ speedy, check on the denim one. Me, love that one too... (it'll be my next model to buy :yahoo:)
  6. You can't go wrong with LE bags! : )
  7. i assume u love speedy....then go for's just too cute to pass on :smile:
  8. U seem to like the speedy, I gather?! If u want something "lower" maintenance, maybe the damier or epi speedy? The MC collection is also nice for something cheerful and adds a bit of color to the collection. How abt the cerises/graffiti speedy (but u'll have to get this from ebay/let-trade...)? Otherwise a shoulder bag?'s tough...
  9. Maybe in Damier line...just like...Saleya PM!
    I love mine so much!
  10. my next bag is gonna be a damier speedy 30
  11. Manhattan GM or PM.
  12. haha i want it all!
  13. hmm I can sense you quite like the style of the speedy.. if you do then go for the damier azur or the damier!!! Or if you wanted to try a different style, perhaps a damier ribera orrrr saleya?
  14. I love the Azur line.. so I say go for the speedy!
  15. Get what you love. :yes: