Next Louis?

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  1. I have the Graceful MM in Damier Ebene and really want to purchase a monogram. The Speedy is so classic, and I have my eye on the Speedy B 30. I also like the Neonoe with black trim. Thoughts from those that have either or both of those bags? I want something that holds a lot and is versatile.
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  2. If you’re looking for versatility, the Speedy B is perfect! I have the classic Speedy 30 and it holds so much more than you’d think. I’d definitely go for the Speedy B!
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  3. Hi there! The amazing thing with the LV monogram is its durability, as with the Damier Ebene. It's a tough call between those two given that they both have versatile straps and can be worn on the shoulder, crossbody, in the crook of your arm, in hand, etc. However, the Speedy is a classic silhouette from the brand that will always be a staple for their handbag collections. Its gotten a bunch of makeovers in collabs at LV (i.e. Stephen Sprouse, Murakami) so that alone showcases the versatility of that style! On the other hand, the NeoNoe is a contemporary classic based off the Noe bucket bag. The style is also very functional and practical, perfect for wearing day or night. Also, given their more recent release, the NeoNoe holds its value better on the resale market, compared to the saturated resale market of Speedy bags... Tough call, but the Speedy B is something that will never go out of style :smile:
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  4. I have a Speedy B 25 and a Neo Noe. I view my NN as a spring/summer bag because of the pink trim, but that's just my own preference. I carry the Speedy B in the winter because it's DE.

    The only item I have left on my LV wish list is a Speedy B 30. I think I'm going to get a Mon Mono version; my Mon Mono NF MM is my most used LV.

    I don't think you can go wrong with either of these bags.
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  5. Sorry don't know a Louis.
  6. I think you should try both bags on and see how they fit your frame. I know the speedy b 30 is a very popular bag and each time I tried it on in various prints and limited editions, it was just too big for me :sad: even my SA said for some reason it looked like I was carrying a pet carrier on my side, which I agreed ::facepalm::
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  7. My neonoe is my favorite bag. It holds a ton, and I carry it regularly as an everyday bag. It’s versatile in that you can wear it on your shoulder or crossbody, but I wouldn’t wear it during an evening out. It has more of a casual feel to me. I don’t own a speedy, but I think the handheld option makes it easy to dress up and use day or night.
  8. I own two Speedy 30 (DA and DE) and a Monogram Néo Noé - I absolutely love the NN and carry her a lot, both at work or when going shopping etc. However, the Speedy 30 fits a little more. If you choose a Speedy B, you‘ll have the best from both words - it’s carefree using the strap and can be worn as a handheld bag for more formal occasions.
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  9. I have a Neo Noe in noir and love it. I also plan to complete my collection with a Speedy B 30. I love that it's a classic that will always be in style.
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  10. Thanks everyone. As I've been reading up on Louis Vuitton I've also leaned about the connection between Audrey Hepburn and the Speedy! She's one of my favorite actresses and I even have a couple of sofa table books about her. Reading this about her makes me lean even more towards the Speedy
  11. Have you considered a world tour speedy B, comes with the black trim, which means no worries about vachetta, if you're at all inclined to worry about that sort of thing!