Next iconic mulberry bags are going to be??

  1. Now that Annie and Elgin are not going to be produced, I wonder which bags will be classed as this years iconic styles?
  2. Good question!! I would guess the Mabel???? I am interested to see what everyone thinks!!
  3. Crikey- if they do discontinue the baywater they won't have much iconic left!!!!
  4. They better Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I don't think Mabel will become iconic - I think it's more a seasonal bag, don't think it will stand the test of time which is what it takes to become iconic IMO.
    I did think Emmy might but, again, that's come and gone as has Roxy - another one that was a strong contender for icon status.
    Surely Mulberry won't bite the hand that feeds it - bet many of their sales are still Bayswaters - after all it is quintessentially Mulberry.
  6. I`m no expert at all and don`t think otherwise but I think this season`s bags so far are really different from old school Mulberries - hope that its not a indication of things to come!!

    Like alot of people have said even the Mabel is not classic Mulberry and I think that the iconic bags will always be around but maybe things are changing?
  7. I said in another thread, that I think Spring 08 is a biiig departure from the classic Mulberrys that are talked about on this forum. A new designer...a new look -- much more girly and mainstream... Don't know that I find it all that interesting... I don't think they'll ever get rid of the Bayswater. That is their Kelly bag, their Speedy bag. If they got rid of it, someone is very very stupid. They earn a fortune from this bag.
  8. On the website they have currently put the mable and most of the somerset range into the 'iconic' section' !!!
  9. Thats interesting! I don`t see either of them as iconic Mulberry?
  10. ^^^
    maybe it's just while they re-sort the website into new categories??? i don't see the somerset collection as being iconic!!
  11. I wonder what they will do with the Annie bag now?
    I think this is one for the iconic bags?
  12. I definitely don't think the Somerset range is iconic but I do think the Mabel is. I can see them bringing it out year after year in different colours & leathers. I don't think they'll ever discontinue the Bayswater, though. Or the Roxanne for that matter - although, it is looking a little dated now, in the new leather with shiny gold hardware.

    TG - that's an interesting point about the new designer. There definitely appears to be a new design influence in the SS08 range however, as far as I'm aware, Stuart Vevers is still the Creative Director, as has been the case for the last few years. Emma Hill, his replacement, won't be starting until the end of the year for the SS09 collection, I think. It will be good to see what she brings to the table - I have a few Gap bags from when she was designing there, so I'm optimistic about a new, fresh feel. However, not keen on prices creeping above £600 or £700...
  13. I didn't realise they had discontinued Annie! :crybaby: The SA in Glasgow said when I bought mine, "I don't know why Mulberry are selling these off at half price, they are not being discontinued and Annie is one of our most popular bags". :wtf:
  14. ^^^^^^^ I don`t know thats why I asked whats going to happen to Annie??
    It seems strange selling them all at half price when like you say they are very popular??
  15. When I was last at SM, the SA said Annie had replaced Phoebe. She did not think Annie would be discontinued in the near future.