Next hot Chanel accessory: the glovelet?

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  1. So, I was watching E! weekend news earlier today and they talked about LiLo's Chanel glovelet (fingerless gloves) as the hot new thing. I can't find a closeup photo of it, but you can sort of see it in the attached photo from And here's a NY Post article on it. I don't know...just this week, I got some knit fingerless gloves for $5 a pair at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store so I think I'll pass on the $700 glovelet. For a few hundred more, I can get a whole bag instead of a tiny piece of leather that covers half my hand!

    June 7, 2006 -- No, Lindsay Lohan didn't hurt her hand punching Brandon Davis - she's simply sporting a tiny leather glovelet, the hottest new Chanel accessory.

    Priced to break the bank (even if it barely covers your hand), these punk muffs will cost about $700 when they hit stores in the fall.

    La Lohan was showing off a sneak-peak pair from designer Karl Lagerfeld at Monday night's Council of Fashion Designers of America awards. But versions of the four-inch leather tubes are already selling out in city stores.

    "We call them mitts - as opposed to fingerless gloves," said Jay Ruckel, vice president of LaCrasia, the city's premier glove destination.

    Ruckel makes up to 15 customized pairs of mitts at a time for Kelly Clarkson, who uses them to transform her image from "American Idol" to Billy Idol.

    "More and more young people want it and rappers and hip-hop stars like that style. Often, they'll just use one half of the pair," Ruckel said.

    Demand for the mitts, of which Ruckel estimates he sells "a few hundred pairs" each month, is about to go through the roof now that Lohan - infamously called a "firecrotch" by oil heir Davis - and other young celebs have been spotted throwing down their gauntlets.

    Cut-out gloves for ladies first graced the Chanel couture catwalk in autumn 2004 and have been a mainstay of the collection ever since. But the size has gotten smaller and smaller through the seasons, while the price keeps climbing.
  2. I've been seeing this all over fashion news this past week. . . . it's not for me personally, that's for sure!
    I hope they only make a few of them. . . this is something that could get over-saturated quickly IMO.
  3. oooooooooooo I want a pair!!:yes:
  4. I saw this.. I hate it though
  5. You're SO right. On the one hand, it's great that Chanel can come up with something youthful and rock-n-roll but I don't know if this is quite the way to go...

    But I do like fingerless gloves for convenience in the winter because it never gets cold enough for actual gloves where I live.
  6. I like it- but there is no way I would pay $700 for it even if it is Chanel.
  7. Its interesting. I don't know if I would wear it.
  8. I don't like it even if it's Chanel. It reminds me of racing gloves.
  9. Yea I saw that on E! this week as well. I already told my SA today that I wanted a pair. I doubt they're going to fit though if they fit lindsay's tiny hand.
  10. Its funny what things can remind you of....

    Not to insult anyone who loves theses, but fingerless gloves remind me of flea market and newspaper vendors. With or without fur :blink: They don't scream "fashion". JMHO
  11. When I looked at the gloves on TV it seemed that there were no holes for your fingers. It was basically wrapped around the hand in a diagonal with I think crystals. So it's a little different than the ones currently on the market and street. I never understood why have on a glove without the sleeves for your fingers. Do you need to keep just your palms warm?:huh:
  12. Just plain silly!