next HG: '05 MAGENTA Work is arrived - FINALLY :-)

  1. I've decided to add a Work style to my current bbag-collection :rolleyes: and found THIS : a brand-new, never worn MAGENTA Work from '05 season :yahoo:!!! Just want to share my luck with you, my dearest friends :heart:

    outside !

    wearing in my hands (I'm 5'3")

    wearing on my shoulders !

    comparison with '05 bubblegum-pink day and '04 eggplant purse

    inside !
    DSC00235.JPG DSC00233.JPG DSC00231.JPG DSC00237.JPG DSC00236.JPG
  2. wowww! i wish i have a chance to own a brand-new 05 magenta :love:
  3. :yahoo:congrats! sooooo pretty! the work style looks great on you.
  4. Wow big sis you rock this bag!!! It looks just gorgeous on you. Congrats on a wonderful buy! :love:
  5. AWESOME.. the colors look great... you're rockin' it w/ style!! :wlae: love it! CONGRATS.
  6. She's fab! Congrats, you wear her beautifully!
  7. Oh are one lucky girl!Thanks for sharing.Man I want a magenta piece soooo badly.
  8. congrats!!! its perfect!!!
  9. WOW I love it. Congrats!!!
  10. Awwww thank you so much ladies for the nice compliments :shame::love:

    :heart: cityoflight , robotdoll, dear lil sis 'C' south... , oogiewoogie , 'P' girlie, tanj ,BagLover26 and annabellet :heart:
  11. congrats firstclass!!! what a great find, the leather looks so nice! I am very happy for you:tup:
  12. WOW! it looks great on you. congrats!
  13. OMG you look fab as always and i can definitely see the chewy and yummy leather.:tup: Another beauty from 05.:yahoo: Congrats girlie. :party:
  14. that is so pretty. congrats!
  15. THANKS SO MUCH for all the nice comments and compliments :shame: you're so sweet :tender::

    :heart: lovelv, LoVe23, dear friend 'L' Nanaz and christie :heart: