Next Gucci SALE

  1. Wondering when the next Gucci Sale is? Anyone know:?:
  2. Isn't it December? I thought it was always twice a year.. Summer and December..
  3. What goes on Sale in December? All the Summer bags?
  4. I am assuming there will be Summer items on sale....There is usually a ton of stuff on sale at the Gucci stores but you have to go there before they actually go on sale. They Pre-sell their items.. So what I did was I went a few days before the sale started, chose my items and they mailed it out to me the day the sale started. If you go the day the sale starts, usually it's a madhouse and a lot of the good stuff is gone because it has been presold.. They send out a postcard a few days before the sale so you know when it's coming...

    I usually find that Neimans and Sak's go on sale before the actually Gucci store, and their discounts go deeper..

    If you already knew this, sorry that I rambled on and on! I could talk about bags forever!
  5. i think the fall/winter bags go on sale on december/january :smile:
  6. yes, i think to make room for the next spring/summer line
  7. Thanks for all the replies.
  8. When in December do they have the Sale? I'm dying for a new wallet!
  9. Usually the first or second week of December. I think presales are the first week and the sales are second week.
  10. Hi, I'm new here. What about Neiman's/Sak's? Are the sales only on seasonal bags too?
  11. Pretty much seasonal stuff..
  12. Yup. It will be seasonal stuff.
  13. If you want to get a postcard, do you have to call the stores up and ask to be put on a list?
  14. do the sunglasses go on sale too?
  15. I want to find out how to get on this list!!!!