Next Gucci Sale? Saks?

  1. Anyone know when is the next Gucci sale? or Saks spring/summer sale? Will Gucci Pelham (fabric w/white leather) be on sale anytime soon? Also when it comes to Saks' spring/summer sale, does Gucci and Chanel goes on sale too? Many thanks!
  2. I don't think Chanel goes on sale. I have never seen such thing.
  3. Chanel has sales after christmas on all of their spring items, so they may also have sales mid summer on winter items.
  4. is it applicable worldwide or only in the U.S.?
  5. I think it maybe in the US only. I'm not sure but I know Gucci sales go on in July & December twice a year.
  6. Tomorrow is the 'spend some, get some' gift card sale, which means you get a gift card, amount depending on amount of purchase. My Saks has some Dior reduced 30%. Not sure if any other brands are on sale.
  7. I do not know if the sale is anywhere but the US. I shop at the one on Michigan Ave. in Chicago