Next Goal?

  1. I have a black with silver hardware 30 and a 35 again with silver hardware. I love black and traditionally end up with black bags (Lots of Chanel). My SA asked what I'd like next... She suggested the gold 40 (which is really a light tan) with white stitching. My DH seconded the suggestion and he does have very good taste:s . Sometimes I need someone else to make my decisions... Help!
  2. i think that would be an excellent choice. still very neutral but absolutely wearable. The important thing is that you should only get it if you'll use it. I'm like you too, I love black! I've held out buying a black birkin because i have a black Chanel tote however the more i see black Birkins in pictures, i can't wait to get one too. the style is completely different.
  3. I just received a gold Togo (with gold HW) 35 Birkin and it is awesome. The color is the perfect neutral and goes with even more than I thought. If you already have two black/silver bags try gold.....but the 40 is huge and unless I was going to use it as a travel bag I'd keep it a 35. The color is sufficiently different to not be duplicating your black 35. If you can, try switching the HW to really makes the bag.
  4. I love gold but have you lifted a 40cm? It's very heavy but would be a lovely carry-on. So fun to choose and so many beautiful choices!
  5. Hello WingNut!:nuts:
  6. I think Gold is a lovely choice but I'm not sure about the 40cm unless you know it's a size you will use often. I also am a big fan of color, and since you already have two great classics/neutrals in a 30 and 35cm I would vote for any shade of red, Vert Anis or Orange/Potiron--great shades that go well with almost everything. I'd check out the Members' Items in the Reference Library and see if anything particular strikes your fancy as well. It's so nice to have a visual of a lot of Birkins in one place--something that's hard to get at the store. Have you also considered a Kelly? That would be a great addition too.
  7. The next size up may be great if you want to have a broad selection of bags. It could also work well if you travel as a carry-on! the suggestion you got from your SA sounds good, but maybe decide the size based on what you carry.
  8. I'd love to see a picture if you have one. The gold seems like an obvious choice. Again like the "I'm a black bag girl" I also feel like I'm a silver hardware girl. I need to branch out. Great suggestion! (I'm thinking 35 too.) Hate to sound so fickle but I want to get the right one.
  9. I will check the Members Items - Great idea.

    I also have two Kellys; Black (naturally) and red.

    THANK YOU!:idea:
  10. Okay HEAVY is not good. I'm changing size preference for sure.

    Thank you.:yes: