Next floor set?

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  1. Hi, does anybody know when the next floor set is coming out?
  2. april 25th it will be out
  3. I was told the 18th by my SA's.
  4. I was at a coach boutique yesterday and they were talking about working on the next floor set this Thursday night which would mean it will be available to view on the 11th.
  5. its the third thursday of every month...

  6. That would be the 17th
  7. My SA said they will set it after closing next Thursday for opening Friday the 18th.
  8. omg youre right im sorry it is the 18th
  9. Hope to see the navy woven Preston and woven Toaster bag. I bet those are really cute.
  10. Does anyone know what's coming out with the next floorset?
  11. I just know that the mini christies will be out in the next floor set. My SA showed me a peach and white one. But I know it also comes in black, mandarin, and ruby... I think there should be one more but don't remember.

  12. Do you know if all the Mini Christies are saffiano?
  13. I think so. I haven't seen a mini one any other material.
  14. They are. Macy's already has them out.
  15. Just visited my local full price store and they told me they are putting the new stuff out tonight