next egc in saks?

  1. is there going to be one this month?
  2. I heard its in MARCH
  3. I heard the same thing. I asked my SA at the Chevy Chase Saks about it and she said they usually have one in February. She checked and said that it looks like they'll be doing double points again in Feb (Feb. 21st) and the next EGC will be in March. I wish they would do another EGC in February!
  4. Thanks for the heads-up......March isn't tooooo far away!
  5. Sorry guys, what is EGC? Thanks :confused1:
  6. hope it's before chanel price increase, or including LV :nuts:

    EGC=buy more get more type promotion. you receive store credit towards your next purchase when you spend a certain amount of $ on that day only.
  7. Extra Gift Card