Next Dooney TSV---Floral Classic Satchel

  1. I love flowered bags if they are bold. So LOVE.
  2. Should be a big seller with those Easy Pays.
  3. Thanks for the scoop Sue!
  4. I really love this print, so girly and feminine without being too silly.
  5. Super cute!
  6. I just LOVE it!! I think I need one!
  7. OMG and on easy pay!!!
  8. For a minute I thougt it was the same as the one on the dooney site. It's not. This one is the side pocket satchel, the one at dooney is the classic satchel. Also the print is different.
  9. Yup.. me too. I definately NEED this one!!!! :roflmfao:

  10. Thanks for correctly identifying the bag, MaryBel!

    I haven't figured out how to edit thread titles yet....and when I really looked at this bag, I realized that I had called her by the wrong name. :blush:

    I do like her.....maybe in light pink or in white.

  11. Who's buyin??
  12. I thought she was the same on the Dooney site as well but that one seems much more feminine to me. The "bulky" looking leaves on the QVC one are kinda turning me off. But the price is nice. I called Dooney today, the Hydrangea is new and there will be more coming out. May need to hold off till I see the satchel.
  13. I like the white but I like the print of the one at the dooney site better.
  14. Look what I found on page 49 of the Macy's Mother's Day catalog I received today:


    Sorry for the terrible picture of a picture.

    I love the white flowers on the Marine blue background. I'm supposed to be on HBR but she is tempting. I hope she becomes available during the F&F sale starting next week!