Next Dior Sale in HK or SG?

  1. I'm going to Asia this summer and know we have some members living in HK and SG here. Anyone know when the next Dior sale will be? It's probably a long shot :p but I'm hoping to pick up some bags on my trip and wouldn't mind a little discount if I'm lucky :drool:
  2. for singapore, i'm guessing june (which would coincide with the great singapore sale from june-july). i'm sorry i can't be more specific since dior (singapore) has yet to mail me the card stating when the sales period would be.

    the last sales they had was in december for two weeks, if i'm remembering things right.

    regardless, if you're planning on going to HK, there's no sales tax there so it's always good, and if you're buying anything in singapore, make sure you claim the 5% (it's going to be 7% in july) goods & services tax at the airport - it might just save you a few hundred singapore dollars, i think.