Next Dillard's Sale

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  1. The next "additional" off sale should be this Wednesday for cardholders. At least that's what the sales associate told me.

    Now, I have to say that I feel like a shoplifter... I was there today looking at two bags that I couldn't decide on. At the suggestion of the sales associate, I hid the two bags behind some other sales bags. I had felt another shopper was watching but thought she wanted one of bags. Well, lo and behold, she snitched on me! She started pulling the bags out and alerted the other sales associate.

    So, disappointed in myself... Not just for hiding the bags, but for being such a pansy. I should have just walked right up to the two and stood there looking at other bags. After all, it's not illegal to hide them! :P
  2. /\ lol! :lol:
  3. You could buy the bags now and then bring a friend or family member with you on wednesday to do a return and repurchase. Some sales associates would re ring up the item if they are super nice.