next ****** cyber day?

  1. Does anyone have any idea when the next ****** cyber day will be? I'm trying to wait to make an eluxury purchase but I don't know how much longer I can hang on! Thanks!
  2. i'd say around Valentines Day.. but that's just a guess
  3. Oooooo.... what's a cyber date?
  4. Cyber Day is when ****** doubles the percentage cash back that you get for one day only.
  5. I didn't know this about ******! I'm glad I checked this forum. :smile: How many cyber days are there per year? Please keep us posted when one comes along.
  6. On the website I saw that every Tuesday they double the rebates on one site. Just check the website on Tuedays to see which one.
  7. Awesome!! I didn't know ****** did this either. I always shop through them.
  8. I love that website!! Coupons and rebates!! Last Cyber Day was the day after Christmas and I did some major shopping. Bliss!

    Click here to sign up:

  9. I just check the site. Double cashback on ****** for Old Navy today only.
  10. I guess the kids will be getting some cute t-shirts today :wlae: (they love 'em)... TFP!

    Hilda :smile:
  11. Why specifically using this site on eBay? Does it offer more points? Points for other sites like Elux and Saks are similar to ******.com
  12. I have a question about receiving the cash back. The site says every three months you receive your check/Paypal payment, etc. over $5.01 excluding sign up fees. I signed up 9/08/06 and have $65 in my account, but haven't received a check yet. Is it every three months from when you sign up, or 3 months on a set ****** schedule?
  13. I believe it's on a set ****** schedule, and you have to have at least $5 in your account by a certain cutoff date in order to get a rebate check. I signed up in 2003 and only had $1 in my account until Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving, and now I'm way over the $5 minimum... :graucho:

    Just looked on ******' site, and it says:

    Purchases Posted Between / Big Fat Check Sent
    Jan 1-Mar 31 / May 15
    Apr 1-June 30 / Aug 15
    July 1-Sept 30 / Nov 15
    Oct 1-Dec 31 / Feb 15

  14. Has anyone used Mr. Rebates - Cash-Back Rebate Shopping before? I'm worried about putting my sign in info for ebay in since there are always so many scams with ebay.