Next Chanel sale?

  1. Does anyone have the slightest idea of when the next Chanel sale is? A friend of mine wants a reporter but her credit card wont extend her limit to buy the $3100 bag. Any insight to tell her would be great :yes:
  2. December/January is the next scheduled sale. Have her start checking with local stores around December to find out what will be on sale.

    Edited to say I won't pay full price for a Reporter. Mine was 30% off at the previous sale and even that was too much to spend. I sold three bags to buy it!
  3. oh ok..i was wondering that as well... is 30% the usual discount?
  4. ^^^Hmmm, I'm not sure on that one. Maybe it is at Saks and NM, but I'm don't know.

    Edit: However, only certain cambon colors were on sale, so who knows what will be on sale. December is so far away.
  5. she just wants the black with white C's, which was on sale at the last one. I told her to call ahead.
  6. I haven't seen black/white lately. The Chanels I have been to have only had the double colors with the patent. Like Beige/beige patent and choc/choco patent. I did see one large tote in black/grey.
  7. we went to Chanel on Saturday and they had the black and whites there.
  8. Well once they start doing presales, I would call Chanel, Saks, and NM and see if they were going to put it on sale and for how much. But She will have to wait til December at the earliest unfortunately.
  9. NM in some cities are just starting their final call sale today. But im sure most of the goodies are already gone :crybaby: