Next Chanel Purchase ..... Classic Flap or OM Boy?

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  1. All look nice on you.
    But would say with your style the Boy looks better on you .

    Btw, the Reissue which is a Classic.

    Good luck in deciding...
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  2. Thanks everyone for you opinions. I had a long think and went back to the store today and tried both bags again.

    The Classic Flap in M/L Black Caviar with SHW came home with me!!

    I love the Boy bags on others but for my style maybe the black with RHW was a bit to edgy.

    Thanks everyone for your input. Will do a reveal soon.
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  3. I bought a classic small flap bag last month. It was in black caviar with gold hardware. It's a very nice elegant bag. It was a replacement for my rectangular mini in black lambskin with shw (rectangular is a perfect size for me but in caviar) I kept thinking back and forth if I should keep my classic flap. I am more on crossbody bag, and I think the.classic flap looked too "serious" on me. I kept it for almost 3 weeks..and decided to exchanged it with small boy bag.

    Maybe someday I will buy a vintage classic flap..
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