Next Chanel Purchase ..... Classic Flap or OM Boy?

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  1. So I have been going back and forth about my next Chanel purchase and have debated and tried on many bags, but I just received a message from my SA that two bags I am interested in are arriving tomorrow so need help deciding!!

    The two bags are the Chanel Classic Flap in Black Caviar with SHW and the Old Medium Boy Black Calfskin with RHW. I currently own a Black Reissue with GHW 226 and a Black Caviar WOC with SHW.

    So ladies what would you choose and why?

    * Edited to add - I like to dress casually so jeans, a nice blouse and flats/sandals. Dresses in summer but usually I'm a block color dresser.
  2. Depending where you are located there are rumors of the boy bag price increasing soon in the US I believe. It also may be a nice addition to your collection and maybe you can add the flap later since it just recently increased (in the US)? However if you can only pick one I would go for the classic flap... because I think it is timeless (even more than the boy... although I really love the edginess of the boy and it's a very easy bag to wear for everyday!)
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  3. Thank you for your opinion. Yes, I do agree the classic flap is more timeless and the boy definitely more edgy. I think the classic looks timeless at any age but for myself while I can see myself wearing a boy now and for the next 5 years I don't envision myself wearing it in say 10 years. But our styles change so who knows. I am heading to the boutique to try tomorrow and see what I end up with. Hopefully this time I will walk away with one!
  4. I have been to the boutique and tried both bags on. Opinions please on which is move versatile for everyday and what looks better on my frame
    IMG_9553.PNG IMG_9554.PNG
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  5. I prefer the classic flap on you. I just feel like it suits you a bit more than the boy :] good luck!
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  6. The classic flap suits you better.
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  7. Classic flap without a doubt.
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  8. The are both perfect on you, and while I think the boy would be best for every day wear as it appears more casual (yet extremely upscale, of course), I still love the classic flap the most with its rounded puffiness that screams out luxury.
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  9. I like the classic flap on you.
    The chain on the boy drives me crazy the bag slips and slides ...
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  10. Classic flap gets my vote :heart:
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  11. Thank you all for your opinion. Yes I do agree the classic flap does look better on me. This purchase will probably be my last Chanel with the crazy price increases, so maybe its better to get the Classic.

    Off to the Chanel boutique again today.
  12. I think I am late, but really like the classic flap on you!! Either way, they are both nice.
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  13. Both bags looks great on you
    but as you have mentioned that you already have the IMO you should go for The Boy bag.

    please do let us know your final choice :smile:
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  14. Both are great, but I just love the Boy!
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  15. I prefer the look of the boy, but with the outfits you described I would say the classic flap.
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